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DocuCentre-V C7776 / C6676 / C5576 / C4476 / C3376 / C3374 / C2276 (USED)

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The Next Evolution / Quality with Versatility

The New ApeosPort® devices from Fuji Xerox are designed to accelerate your business evolution, from removing technological barriers to adding greater flexibility to your work environment.

The true value of your office technology investment isn’t always in plain sight. It’s what it does in the background to help you be more productive and work the way you want. The DocuCentre-V C7776 series gives you that power, improving day-to-day capabilities and helping you work more nimbly, cost-effectively and securely – so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

It also gives you the tools and technologies that make it possible to automate common office workflows, turn challenges into routine tasks, and greatly simplify how you share business-critical information.

  • Copy/Print: Colour 70ppm /B&W 70 ppm*1
  • Printing resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi*2
  • Mobile supported
  • Wireless LAN supported

*1: ppm for C7776. 65 ppm for C6676, 55 ppm for C5576, 45 ppm for C4476, 35 ppm for C3376, 30 ppm for C3374, 25ppm for C2276(A4/B5 LEF).
*2: Dpi when the document type is set to photo. 600 x 600 dpi for texts, text/photos, and maps.

Function Copy,Print,Scan,Fax (Optional)
Colour Capability Colour Full
Scan Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Print Solution 1200 x 2400 dpi (High Resolution Photo)
600 x 600 dpi (Text / Text-Photo / Photo / Map)
Memory capacity 4 GB (Max: 4 GB)
Paper Tray / By Pass Tray Tandem Tray Model: 5120 sheets (Standard + HCF B1)
4 Tray Model: 4120 sheets (Standard + HCF B1)
Paper Size A5 – A3

[C7776 / C6676 / C5576 / C4476 / C3376 / C3374 / C2276] W640 x D 699 x H 1143 mm (when Duplex Automatic Document Feeder B1-PC is installed)

[C3376 / C3374 / C2276] W 640 x D 699 x H 1128 mm (when Duplex Automatic Document Feeder B1-C is

Warm-up Time [Embedded Plug-ins / Custom Services] *2
When enabled: 30 seconds or less (23 degrees Celsius room temperature)
When disabled: 24 seconds or less (23 degrees Celsius room temperature)

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