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Apeos C7070 / C6570 / C5570

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New Times, New Apeos

The new “Apeos”, C7070 / C6570 / C5570 multifunction printer offers advanced features with high security level and easy operability to help business diversify with times.

“Apeos” devices are able to connect smoothly with a variety of solutions and services to realize an all new agile remote workstyle of working anytime, anywhere.

  • Copy/Print: Colorr/B&W 70 ppm*1
  • Scan: Color/B&W 270 ppm*2
  • Fax: Super G3 Fax
  • Printing Resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi*3
  • Mobile Supported
  • Wireless LAN Supported

*1: For Apeos C7070
*2: When scanning using the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder C2-PC. 160 ppm when using the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder B2-PC.

Function Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)
Color Capability Color Full
Scan Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Print Solution 1200 x 2400 dpi (High Resolution Photo)
600 x 600 dpi (Text / Text-Photo / Photo / Map)
Memory capacity 4 GB (Max: 4 GB)
Paper Tray / By Pass Tray Standard : 4 Tray Model: 500 sheets x 4-tray + Bypass Tray 90 sheets
Tandem Tray Model: 500 sheets x 2-tray + 810 sheets + 1175 sheets + Bypass Tray 90 sheets
Paper Size A5 – A3
Dimensions C3570 C3070 (W 663 x D 723 x H 1141 mm)
Warm-up Time [Embedded Plug-ins / Custom Services] *2
When enabled: 30 seconds or less (23 degrees Celsius room temperature)
When disabled: 24 seconds or less (23 degrees Celsius room temperature)
Customer who requires
  • A well-balanced multifunction printer as primary/secondary device
  • A device that can assist them in developing a remote yet seamless working environment
  • A device that can be used on the go with seamless connectivity options
  • A device that allows convenient information sharing anytime, anywhere
  • A device that allows tracking by department usage patterns for maximizing work and cost efficiency


Quick and Simple Operability
  • Simple layout with easy navigation
  • Light notification reminder
  • Accelerated operations with no wait time
  • Quick scanning of high-volume originals
  • Trays open and close lightly and quietly


Seamless Sharing and Document Management
  • Scan small originals such as checks and invoices
  • Enhance sales capabilities by utilizing business
    card information
  • Digitization of paper documents for effortless
    document management
  • Simple scanning to yourself


Streamline Operations for Remote Work Style
  • Do not miss any faxes when you are working
  • Share information anytime, anywhere
  • Print out from any multifunction device within the
  • Flexibility in office layout
  • Easy and secure output even when you are
    working remotely
  • Centralized cloud integration


Safeguard Important Information
  • User Authentication and Permissions
  • Prevents unwanted access
  • Protection of management function
  • Protection of multifunction device
  • Protection of communication data
  • Protection of stored documents in
    multifunction device
  • Prevents settings and operation errors


Reliable Support System
  • Easy solutions to resolve problems
  • ApeosWiz Device Log*
  • Create appealing promotional materials from
    various type of paper size and material

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