Continuously supporting clients from the start

At Nation Success, we pride ourselves for delivering top quality products and outstanding after sales customer support for our clients’ total peace-of-mind. Our achievement is attributed to our detailed customer service Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

Personal Sales Approach
Our excellent customer service begins by accurately understanding and identifying each client’ specific office printing requirements in order to propose the most suitable multi-function copier system for the client.

Critical Communications
We adhere to the 4-hour fast response time to all clients’ requests for support services on any working day. Chatbots are available to guide clients for quick troubleshooting online. Clients are notified of the engineer’s on-site visit appointment via email. A customer satisfaction survey is done after each service for immediate feedback.

After Sales Service Support
With ready ex stock of popular machines in our warehouse, there is no waiting time for our clients. Installation, commissioning and client training are free of charge. We also include a service agreement for a minimum period which covers free maintenance and repair, genuine parts, consumables, and replacement machine during repair to minimize down time. Clients are updated on new models for upgrade options and each contract is reviewed annually.

Professionally Trained Engineers
All our engineers are trained by our principal, Fuji Xerox. They are well-equipped to handle all maintenance and repair work for all models including the newest machines.

Service Call Monitoring App
Our company employs an in-house app to monitor all engineers’ activities. This enables us to keep our clients updated on the engineers’ estimated time of arrival for site visits. For maximum efficiency, this app also records service duration and completion time.

7 reasons why clients choose to work with Nation Success

  1. Quality and range of products

    Nation Success is an authorised dealier for Fuji Xerox multi-function copier systems. We carry a wide range of machines from basic to high performance specifications. In addition to new machines, we also offer refurbished units.

  2. Industry specialist

    With decades of experience in the photocopier business, our team has in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to advise clients on the best photocopier solution that will deliver the best results in printing quality.

  3. Fast delivery

    Our company ensures that we have ready ex stock for all popular models sold. Hence, we can fulfill any client’s order with no waiting time. Our clients also enjoy free delivery and installation.

  4. Comprehensive customer service approach

    Adhering to a proven customer service Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we are able to meet our clients’ needs every time and provide stress-free customer service with constant communications through our service call monitoring app.

  5. Dependable after sales service

    We strive to minimise machine down time for our clients with a fast response time of 4 hours on a working day. Replacement machines will also be offered to clients during the repair period to ensure business continuity.

  6. Full service agreement

    All our clients benefit from our full service agreement for a minimum period. Service components include free genuine spare parts replacement, maintenance and repair, technical expertise, consumables such as toner, drum and developer, as well as key operator training.

  7. Increased cost efficiency and productivity

    Harnessing our industry expertise, we have helped clients achieve high quality printing output, minimise machine breakdown, and reduce wastage, which contributes to higher productivity and cost savings.

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